fish trade: This is a lovely little painting someone, who is not me, posted on a site called ‘tiny paintings’. I immitated it, with blue background (the grey does pop the orange more) and traded it for actual fish. Tank and all.


five goldfish


I know it’s July, but I still can’t clean my house


…and it’s 5 months later. Yes, I did invest in vitual art academy. No, I have not began the lessons. I’ve printed off lesson one though, if only I can find it. Art attempts as of late are as follows: delighted at invitation to work on a mural with much more experienced artist, painted a grey background, some red roofs, and that’s all because I haven’t had time to return. I also bought into Gina Rosiarmfields Journal Workshop (I promise I will feature her over the weekend) and of course I am highly excited. I think this journal workshop will help me sink further into creativity this year. I also think that once I start the Vitual Art Academy I’ll be doing it, even if it is a little at a time. Stepping out into the unknown is still stepping out, no matter how slowly you move. I want to paint one canvas landscape with Art the Artist (the mural guy) this summer. Hopefully, that will work me out of the fear that makes me feel stiff and awkward when faced with a blank canvas. I started a community art group and I loved our first session. We made ripped collages, the 4 of us plus invites will meet over steamy mugs in the fall to discuss the details of the next art assignment. Picture soon to come.


My follow through needs work. I’m a mess under all these other messes that’s accumulated since Springbreak (all year). I need to finish a course that nestles under my work hat, and I need to clean my fridge and freezer.


Tomorrow morning I will walk the dog and pick those saskatoon berries I spied yesterday and forgot about. I’ll eat them with cereal.

Two Hot Topics


Here are my two hot topics of late. 

One, I’ve been looking for decent, affordable, realistic, online art instruction by a reputable instructor that I can work on at my own pace and receive feedback.  I know, it’s like asking for the moon, that I want too much, but I think I found it. I am currently looking into the Virtual Art Academy, I may enroll sometime after Spring break.

Two, I have also been on the look out for a writing workshop that meet the same criteria as Hot Topic One.  I believe I found the place, I’m planning to try a short workshop on blogging through Gotham Writer’s Workshops after return from my sister’s wedding, in two weeks time.

I’m highly excited. eeeee!   

A Tumblr Challenge


30 Day Drawing Challenge
30 day drawing/art challenge!

1. Yourself or your persona.
2. Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, or crush)
3. One, some, or all of your friends.
4. An animal you think is really cute.
5. Your favourite outfit.
6. Something you’ve never drawn before.
7. Your family or a family member.
8. Something with your favourite colour.
9. Your favourite cartoon/anime character.
10. Something you couldn’t live without.
11. Your favourite food.
12. An inanimate object.
13. A group picture.
14. Your favourite book character.
15. Someone from your favourite board or video game.
16. Something that represents your favourite song.
17. Your favourite holiday.
18. A couple (any two people).
19. Something you’re afraid of.
20. A comic.
21. Something you don’t like.
22. Your favourite season.
23. Something that makes you happy.
24. Something that represents your favourite culture/country/language.
25. Someone or something from mythology.
26. Your favourite sweet food/candy/etc.
27. Your favourite scene from a movie.
28. A room.
29. Your favourite weather.
30. Something you’d like to share with your followers or friends.

Sarah Ahearn Bellemare’s Two-minute Prompts


Recently a friend allowed me to glimpse into her 14-day loan library book, Painted Pages: Fueling Creativity with Sketchbooks and Mixed Media. I could only peek at it at work, so, I too put in a request for it from our local libray.  I love libraries. 

Two-minute Prompts

For instructions on using these prompts, see the warm-up activity on pages 18-19.  Photocopy prompts onto cardstock and cut apart.

1.  Rip out a page in a book and use a piece for collage

2.  Close your eyes and paint or draw on your surface (no peeking!)

3.  Use colored pencils directly on your surface.

4.  Layer paint with collage.

5.  Paint with your finger!

6.  Use a pint color that you don’t like (you just may change your mind!)

7. Paint lines shapes or dots with a tiny brush.

8.  Write a few words with the rub-on letters

9. Paint only with white paint.

10.  Try soft pastels, smudge, and use gel medium.

11.  Use only a pencil.  Scribble, and draw shapes, try different leads.

12.  Sign your name somewhere on the piece you are an artist!

13.  Paint with a big brush.  Try a wash of color

14.  Use rubber stamps to write one word.  Use a thin layer of paint as your “ink.”  Stamp the first word that comes into your head and use it as a theme for your painting.

15.  Collage with gel medium (no paint)

16.  Stencil with a doily or another “nonstencil” type of item

If your curious about who the lovely author is, find her at: