Sarah Ahearn Bellemare’s Two-minute Prompts


Recently a friend allowed me to glimpse into her 14-day loan library book, Painted Pages: Fueling Creativity with Sketchbooks and Mixed Media. I could only peek at it at work, so, I too put in a request for it from our local libray.  I love libraries. 

Two-minute Prompts

For instructions on using these prompts, see the warm-up activity on pages 18-19.  Photocopy prompts onto cardstock and cut apart.

1.  Rip out a page in a book and use a piece for collage

2.  Close your eyes and paint or draw on your surface (no peeking!)

3.  Use colored pencils directly on your surface.

4.  Layer paint with collage.

5.  Paint with your finger!

6.  Use a pint color that you don’t like (you just may change your mind!)

7. Paint lines shapes or dots with a tiny brush.

8.  Write a few words with the rub-on letters

9. Paint only with white paint.

10.  Try soft pastels, smudge, and use gel medium.

11.  Use only a pencil.  Scribble, and draw shapes, try different leads.

12.  Sign your name somewhere on the piece you are an artist!

13.  Paint with a big brush.  Try a wash of color

14.  Use rubber stamps to write one word.  Use a thin layer of paint as your “ink.”  Stamp the first word that comes into your head and use it as a theme for your painting.

15.  Collage with gel medium (no paint)

16.  Stencil with a doily or another “nonstencil” type of item

If your curious about who the lovely author is, find her at:



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