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I did write this whole shmeel with pictures and everything a couple days ago, but it refused to post.  I think maybe it didn’t like that I clicked ‘copy’ image instead of ‘insert photo’?  Anyway,  after trying to read ‘help’ and google it I lost the whole thing due to a connectivity issue.  So, I was frustrated and done with computer stuffs for awhile.

But, here I am again, ta-dah!

This weeks entries:

Halloween ATC’s


They were fun.  Mark making became images this week:




this third day of mark making I felt like I would attempt a figure (memory) , and although I liked it at first, something bothered me about it.  I think it’s because the top of the torso is masculine and the bottom more feminine…hmmm, gender figure studies may be needed.

I made a happy discovery earlier this week.  I popped into the Thrift Store (I’m always on the look out these days for art storage) and I got to talking to the lady behind the counter, who is an artist.  Who knew!  She invited me over to her house to see her work, pastel portraits. We perused through her collection, artwork she created and also artwork that was passed down to her or aquired.  Her father in law was a well known scultor, his work is housed all over the world.  She had 4 pieces of his work, two carved from wood and two from bronze.  My favorite were the slightly larger than life sized bronze statues called Meditation and The Flute Player.  This visit has inspired me to use my pastels when I approach the painting portion of the course I’m working through and to work on the charcoal drawings of statues.  Here is today’s:



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