Lesson 7: Line Variation


Listening to:  YouTube playlist of Norah Jones

Draw 2 shoes using ink and brush in 1 hour.

Line Variation Braids – oops, I just notices ‘braids’ now.  Somehow my eyeballs missed that word and skimmed down to ‘abstract’ and ‘form’…oh well, here it is anyway. Image

I decided to experiment between different brushes.  I used a script brush for the runner.  It was awkward.Image

I used a cheap, multipurpose, soft bristle-type brush for the slipper, I couldn’t get a thin enough line from it. For the abstract form I used a waterbrush, and it was just right 🙂

On other matters:

Loons have arrived, their eerie call sought and found eachother throughout last night.  They were at the lake this morning and will probably be our guests while they nest.  I tried to sketch them this morning but they were a little hard to make out for sketching purposes:Image


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