We’re not creating reality we’re creating art


As I have mentioned previously, I have a box of soft pastels and I look forward to using them as I complete Jeremiah’s painting course ( a free online course offered at http://www.painting-course.com).  This morning I’m looking at a village expert video on YouTube on pastel painting, just simple stuff nothing extraordinary. The instructor explains the impressionist’s view of light as he demonstrates shadows and highlights on the stilllife he is creating,

“…when they tried to explain what they were doing, they (Degas, Monet and the others) created images that were little splotches of light, of color on the painting and on the canvases and when people asked why they were making paintings of these objects, of all these spots of color instead of the color of the objects themselves, they said, We’re not painting objects, we’re painting the light that’s bouncing off the objects, and the light is moving, the light is alive. 

The instructor continues on,

“…by allowing the light to show through, by allowing other colors to shine through and by showing that no object is one color solid, we’re showing the light and the aliveness of it.  We’re not creating reality we’re creating art.


Four Dancers


Frau in der Badewanne (or Woman in the Bathtub)


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