Lesson 4 and 5


Contour Line Drawing

Blind Contour: 5 hands


Semi-blind contour: 2 hands


Finished Line Contour Drawing:


I liked my semi-blind contour drawing better.  I’ll have to reread the assignment to see if I missed something, maybe it’s that I drew this in pencil.  I had initially drawn one in pen, but my lines where short and scratchy that day (I was tired and impatient), so I scrapped it.

Mucha Copy:


Yipes, this was tough.  My usual, initial reaction to a project like this is procrastination, because it’s overwhelming, I don’t know what to do first. As you can see, I folded the Mucha copy into sections so I had a place to start.  Minimizing seems to work.  I didn’t get all that much done in an hour, but I’m happy with the result.  I hope to do a complete fabulous Mucha copy one day 🙂

Lesson5: Negating and Identifying Powerful Symbols

Draw a Portrait from a Photo

Drawing 8: Memory Drawing (3 minute study, then draw without looking)

Drawing 9: Turn the same photo on it’s side and draw, for shading make simple left to right marks like a printer would.


Yes, this assignment does demonstrate how we rely on symbols well.  I tried to use the right to left method of shading, but I was uncomfortable with it. I did cover the majority of the picture up and inch the covering back a little at a time, forcing me to focus only on the lines I could see, but drawing this blind and sideways made the end result disproportionate. The eyes in the second drawing are my favorite and the hair is a little further than I’ve ever attempted. Great lesson!


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