Upon returning from a blissful vacation


Two weeks ago, my daughter and I hit the road.  We brought Gilligan, our dog, who is ardently happy so long as he gets to come along wherever we go.  We left in the wee hours excited, and arrived in Kelowna exhausted.  I napped immediately.  The rest of the vacation was filled with more naps, much novel reading, lake stuffs and visiting extended family.

While away, I have drawn items that contribute to ‘collections’ of things, which I will post as I complete them.  I also had an opportunity to buy some art publications, and materials like these soft pastels.Image

I have never used soft pastels before, after watching an introductory video on YouTube I thought I would mess around with them a bit.  This is what happened:


Guess what? I love soft pastels!  I guess this freaky little guy can fall under my ‘invention’ category we have been assigned to create and document.  Creating this picture inspired me to make other bird themed artwork:


They’re Artist Trading Cards. I joined a ATC group earlier this year to learn the principles of Art by both creating and receiving art from other artists.  This is a great way to learn and experiment with art fundamentals, techniques and genres. Creating these cards led me to realize my future kitchen decor (which has been a big ‘?’ for a couple of years).  It will have a french country palette, warm yellows, cream and a bit of blackboard, brown, bronze, red and blue accents , funny how one inspiration leads to another…


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