Meet Tom Kane


Meet Tom Kane

About discovering the value of sketchbooks:

After I finished all the drawings in my first Moleskine book, I knew I wanted to have different ones for different reasons. I kept one in my office at work. I would log on to a news web site each day and draw some news event from the day. I was practicing my caricatures, but I was also practicing my writing skills, honing my wacky opinions. The book took on its own personality. I felt someone could pick this up in a bookstore and want to buy it. It was not just a book of random drawings. It was its own succinct piece of art.

Quoted from An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory

For the last thirty (if not more by now) years Tommy Kane has worked as an advertising art director. IBM, LIFE magazine, SONY, Yellowtail Wine, and Barnes & Noble are some clients he’s created print ads and commercials for.

Originally though, Tom wanted to become an illustrator and studied art at SUNY in Buffalo, New York. Recently he put a website together featuring his illustrations and has experience an overwhelming response. On his blog bio he states, “I am now taking the first steps toward making my original dream come true”.

Like France he is all kinds of crazy good. Look at those tangled telephone lines, I love it! You can behold more Tommy Kanes’ goodness by checking out his website, .


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